Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to: Make your blog, book, or product a sensation on the cheap

If you have a blog, you need reader traffic, and a fan base. 

If you have a book, you need to spread the word to readers.

If you have a  product or service, you need exposure.

The following link is some of the best information out there in one compact spot, that I've ever heard; and I want to share it with you.

Self-promo guru, testing and web marketing innovator, Tim Ferriss, shares his amazing advice , in his  presentation to Le Web in Paris. He explains how your book, blogging, idea, or products can be easily marketed on the web to a global sensation-for free or cheap.

Video link

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Mary said...

I am one of those bloggers that devotes her blog to reviewing books and promoting Christian books. Contact me!

Ed Cyzewski said...

That's a really interesting video Lisa. thanks for the link. I think that dude is a bit over the top for what I want to do, but he's certainly good at sparking fresh ideas!

wit4life said...

Yes, you are Mary. Thanks for posting!

Ed: Yes, I agree Tim is a fanatical sort, but he's tested his concepts, and there are several gems in that presentation for sure!